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FSS-26T Potter Dynamic 6 Tone Flat Trumpet Siren

Price: $18.00
FSS-26T Potter Dynamic 6 Tone Flat Trumpet Siren
FSS-26T Potter Dynamic 6 Tone Flat Trumpet Siren

The FSS-26T siren is extremely loud and surprisingly small. It is almost half the size of standard 15 watt trumpet sirens and puts out 125dB. This little screamer is almost as powerful as a big 30 watt horn. However, the FSS-26T is not a high pitched piezo. It does utilize a unique patented reverse trumpet technology to generate the loudest sound blast. In addition, there is a six dip-switch selectable siren sound option. These sounds can be set individually or programmed sequentially. The FSS-26T is an indoor/outdoor design with a reversible mounting bracket.

    Multiple Tones:

    • 1. Yelp
    • 2. Ray Gun Warble
    • 3. European
    • 4. Slow Whoop
    • 5. Pulsing Buzzer
    • 6. Ray Gun Yowl
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Product Details
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • 6 dip-switch selectable sounds
  • 125dB sound output
  • Impact resistant housing
  • Low profile design
  • Patented design
  • Bi-directional mounting bracket
  • Waterproof housing
  • Designer white housing
  • 3.34(W) x 3.34(L) x 2.16 (D)
  • Operating Temperature Range - 14F - 122F -10C - 50C
  • Housing Color - White
  • Installation Type - Indoor/Outdoor
  • Sound Ouput (dBA/1ft) - 125
  • Multi-Tones (Selectable) - 6
  • Rated Current (Amps) - 1.2
  • Rated Power (VDC) - 12

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